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Troy the Trojan is the official Triton College mascot. Troy made his debut in the fall of 2014 and quickly became a familiar feature on and off campus. Show your Triton spirit by inviting Troy to make an appearance at your event.

Mascot Appearance Request Form
All mascot appearance requests must be submitted using the Troy the Mascot Appearance Request Form. Click HERE.

Request Timeline
   • All requests must be received a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the event.
   • Requests will be responded to within 5-7 business days.
   • Submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance.
   • Mascots are current Triton College students. Appearances may be scheduled according to the mascots’ academic schedules.

Appearance Requirements
Accurate directions, location, on-site contact and on-site phone number must be provided.
A private and secure changing room with a chair must be provided for the mascot to change and keep belongings locked during the appearance (no public restrooms).
The mascot cannot be required to be inside the suit for longer than a maximum of 20 minutes at a time before taking a 10 minute break.
If the appearance is outdoors, please allow longer break times.
The mascot is unable to perform in severe weather or otherwise hot and humid conditions.
The mascot will be accompanied by an escort for security and safety purposes.
A friendly and safe environment must be maintained. Mascots reserve the right to walk away from any appearance deemed unsafe or harmful.
We reserve the right to cancel an appearance due to illness, inclement weather, personal emergency and/or scheduling conflicts.

Audition to be the next Troy!
Candidates must be
   • Between 5'7"-5'10" tall
   • Weigh less than 175lbs
   • Demonstrate talent, athleticism and pep.
To schedule an audition, call (708) 456-0300 Ext. 3815 or e-mail studentlife@triton.edu.