(Triton Undergraduate Men Pursuing Higher education )

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The Triton Undergraduate Men Pursuing Higher education (TRIUMPH) program is a minority male retention program, designed to increase the number of minority males graduating from Triton College, by providing increased student services, academic support, service learning projects, community service projects and mentoring.

National research found that more than two-thirds of minority males who start as freshmen never graduate, which is worst among both sexes and all racial/ethnic groups in higher education. According to a recent CCCSE report, Black and Latino males report having higher aspirations to earn a community college certificate or degree than their White peers, but only 5% of Black males and Latinos attending community colleges earn certificates or degrees within three years, as opposed to 32% of White males.

   • Connect students with other male staff.
   • Help minority male students realize and understand their potential and goals despite perceived social and cultural barriers.
   • Create a collegial environment that will help to develop a sense of trust and encouragement.
   • Retain minority male students in the group at Triton College.
   • Increase the certificate/degree completion and/or transfer rates of minority male students at Triton College.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of being in the program the students will be able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the following skills
Emotion Management – Students will be able to demonstrate when they need help and seek it, assume responsibility for actions, and appreciate hard moments’ purpose in their development.
Conflict Resolution – Students will be able to demonstrate appreciation of and respect for diverse communities, the ability to understand the consequences of their actions, and apply different techniques of resolution.
Time Management – Students will be able to identify best practices in setting up appointments, the importance of punctuality, and the advantage of using time efficiently.
Financial Literacy – Students will be able to make informed and effective financial decisions through the understanding of their finances.
Utilizing Resources – Students will be able to engage in critical self-reflection and make choices in their own best interest, gather information from a variety of sources, and make informed choices regarding both their personal and professional lives.
Goal Setting – Students will be able to understand the importance of goal setting and planning for a successful future.
Writing/Public Speaking – Students will be able to demonstrate the importance of appropriate speaking and writing styles based on the setting and audience, and recognize communication is essential for impressions.
Self-Knowledge – Students will be able to create a positive vision of self, engage in opportunities for self-improvement and growth, appreciate and respect individual differences, and exhibit confidence when confronted with new information that is unknown and unexamined.

Mentoring and Journals
Each student in the program will be paired with a Mentor for the duration and required to spend one hour per week engaging in positive mentoring activities. All of the students will be issued a journal to document their growth from when they started. Items they will be instructed to include in the journal are reactions to the guest speakers, weekly meetings, and activities. These journals will be designed for them to share with their mentors and add to the dialogue conducted individually.

   • Educational Planning/Academic Rigor
   • Criminal Justice System
   • Financial Literacy/Managing Money
   • Public Speaking & Writing
   • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
   • Performing and Fine Arts
   • Being a minority in Corporate America
   • Read short stories to the children in the Child Development Center
   • Become mentors to local high school and middle school students (thereby creating a pipeline to Triton College)

   • Triton College Minority Male Student    • Enrolled in a Minimum of 6 College Credit Hours    • Be in good Standing with the College

* Please note that individuals accepted into the TRIUMPH program will be part of a cohort.

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