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An Affiliate Group of the American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society, a non-profit organization chartered by Congress, is the world’s largest scientific society that serves the needs of professionals employed in the chemical sciences and engineering fields. ACS publishes many high-impact and internationally- recognized journals, convenes national and regional scientific conferences, and offers programs in education, science policy and careers in the chemistry enterprise.

ACS Local Chapter
The ACS Local Chapter at Triton College will be a student-governed and faculty-advised group of individuals with common interests in chemistry and related fields. As a recognized student organization, it will plan and execute activities that benefit its members, the College, and the local community.

Career Support
ACS members have access to career resources including internships, counseling, professional networking, and job interview opportunities. These resources support careers in the chemical industry, medical services, environmental protection, law enforcement, education, and social policy.

Develop Leadership Skills
Become an officer or committee member.

Social Events and Travel
Members are invited to ACS social events. Members participate in tours of research labs. Members who have done research may be eligible to present at the ACS National Conference.

Volunteer Opportunities
   • National Chemistry Week
   • Science Outreach at Community Schools

Compete with other student chapters for recognition of volunteer achievements.

Dr. Rudy Gostowski

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