Students are guided to make elective course selections that balance their program of study and meet the requirements of their planned university major. Counseling and advising services for the Scholars Program students are designed to maximize credit transfer.

Scholars Program students have transferred and successfully completed programs at universities listed below.
   • Arizona State University
   • Ohio University
   • American University
   • Purdue University
   • The Art Institute of Chicago
   • Tulane University
   • Auburn University
   • University of California at Los Angeles
   • Boston University
   • University of Chicago
   • Boston College
   • University of Illinois at Chicago
   • Cornell University
   • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   • Illinois Institute of Technology
   • University of Southern California
   • Indiana University
   • Georgetown University
   • Mount Holyoke
   • University of Wisconsin
   • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   • Vanderbilt
   • Northwestern University
   • Smith College
   • University of Iowa
   • And others. . .

Dr. Michael Flaherty | Program Director
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