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    Center for Access and Accommodative Services

    Requesting Accommodations

    The Center for Access and Accommodative Services (CAAS) arranges access and academic accommodations for students who submit a completed CAAS Confidential Data form and provide current documentation of a medical condition and/or disability that affects their academic performance. To best prepare for the semester students want accommodations for, it is recommended that they submit a confidential data form and documentation of their medical condition/disability four weeks prior to the start of the semester. All other request will be processed as quickly as possible.

    Documentation can be in the form of medical records, high school records, and diagnostic testing reports that contain current testing measures and results that lead to a diagnosis of a condition and/or disability. Students must make arrangements to have documentation of their medical condition and/or disability sent to the CAAS office when applying for services. The CAAS staffing committee approves specific accommodations and services based on the student's request and whether the documentation provides justification for the serves. 

    Upon approval of CAAS services and accommodations, students are notified of a mandatory training of services that informs them of the procedures when utilizing their accommodations and services.

    Documentation and records submitted to the CAAS office that determine a student's eligibility for accommodations are kept confidential within the CAAS office. Records are not disclosed without the student's written permission.

     CAAS Request for Accommodations Confidential Data Form  CAAS Request for Accommodations Confidential Data Form
     CAAS Medical Request Form  CAAS Medical Request Form
     CAAS Psychiatric Request Form  CAAS Psychiatric Request Form