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    Accommodations for the State ServSafe Exam

    The National Restaurant Association provides the state certification exam that must be passed to work in the state of Illinois handling food.

    Students interested in utilizing their accommodations for the state certification exam must adhere to the following steps. Failure of having approval from the National Restaurant Association for an accommodation will result with the student not having the accommodation.

    The first day of class students must meet with the instructor show them their CAAS card and discuss the accommodations they wish to use for the class and for the state exam.

    Obtain a ServSafe Request for Exam Accommodations Application from the instructor or from the CAAS website - CLICK HERE.

    Ask the instructor for the date and time the exam will be given for students who wish to utilize their accommodations.

    Contact the CAAS to reserve a testing space to take the exam on the date and time the instructor has provided at 708-456-0300, Ext. 3917 or caas@triton.edu.

    Fill out the ServSafe Request for Exam Accommodation application and FAX both the application and documentation of the disability and/or medical condition to the National Restaurant Association within the first week of the semester at fax number 866-665-9570.

    When a confirmation for accommodations from the National Restaurant association is received, a copy must be given to the instructor. It is advised that the student keep a copy of the confirmation for their own records. The instructor will not be able to provide an accommodation for the exam without having a copy of the confirmation of accommodations.

    The day of the exam students need to bring the answer sheet for the exam that is in the textbook. It is also advised that the student bring a copy of the confirmation for the accommodations they wish to use for the exam. It is pertinent that students arrive early or on time for the exam.

    Additional questions concerning the exam should be directed to the instructor of the class.