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    VRC Guidelines

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    The Veterans Resource Center is for the use of all military veterans and their families. All veteran students who are using the Veterans Resource Center must adhere to the following rules and guidelines. Any violations of these rules may result in being denied future use of the Veterans Center and could lead to possible disciplinary action. All guests are also expected to comply with these regulations and Triton College’s student code of conduct.

    Admission – All Veterans must submit their ID to the VRC attendant, as well as sign-in.  Also you must sign-out whenever you leave the VRC.  All Veterans must have valid semester sticker along with a VRC sticker to utilize the VRC.

    Use of Buildings – A student must observe the rules relating to the use of campus building when using the Veterans Center.

    Posting of Material – Posting of any materials must be pre-approved by the Coordinator of Veterans Center.

    Telephone Use – The unlawful use of college telephones is prohibited.  Disruptive use of cell phones in the Veterans Center is prohibited.

    Printer Use – The daily printing limit is 10 pages.  The ability to have access to this printer must not be abused.  Excessive printing is a form of abusing the privilege of free printing.

    Computer Tampering – Theft or other abuse of computer time, including but not limited to unauthorized entry into a file, to use, read or change the contents or for any other purpose, is prohibited.  Any viewings of pornographic or sexually explicit websites are strictly prohibited.

    Respect – Students must show respect for others, regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation.

    Behavioral Misconduct – A student shall take no action which disrupts or tends to disrupt the peace or which endangers or tends to endanger the safety, health or life of any person.  Students are not allowed to engage in activities that disrupts another student's use of the Veterans Center.

    Radio Playing – Loud playing of radio or other forms of amplification indoors that unreasonably disturbs or disrupts others in the Veterans Center is prohibited unless such action is sponsored by the college.

    Language – Students shall not swear or use other foul language in the Veterans Center.

    Gambling – Gambling in the Veterans Center is prohibited.

    Theft – A student shall not take without authorization property for his/her own without the consent of the owner or person legally responsible.

    Property Damage – A student shall take no action which damages or tends to damage public or private property not his/her own without the consent of the owner or person legally responsible.

    Alcohol and Drugs – A student shall not possess alcohol, i.e., beer or liquor, except in conformance with college policy. A student shall not manufacture, use, possess, sell, deliver or distribute any illegal or controlled drugs or substance except under the direction of a licensed physician.

    Tobacco – A student shall not use or possess any cigarette or other tobacco products.

    Weapons/Firearms – A student shall not possess or use firearms, explosive devices or any other device classified as a weapon by the state of Illinois. Instruments used to simulate such weapons in acts which endanger or tend to endanger any person shall be considered weapons.