• Triton College Sustainability Center

    The Triton College Sustainability Center aims to expand training and employment opportunities while improving community and environmental health. We work in collaboration with the Greening the Campus Committee.

    The Sustainability Center works in association with the Illinois Green Economy Network.
    What Does Sustainability Mean?

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    What's Green At Triton?

    Visit our Interactive Campus Map of sustainability related improvements and programs on campus.


    Sustainability Planning Guide

    The Triton College Sustainability Planning Guide works to create a shared vision of holistic sustainability throughout Triton’s sphere of influence, embedding sustainability into Triton’s everyday workings and culture. The scope and content was driven by Triton’s role as an educational institution, as well as a leader within the local community. This guide illustrates Triton’s dedication to teaching, promoting and modeling sustainability on campus and in the community.

    Download a copy of the Triton College Sustainability Planning Guide.


    Building Dashboard

    Visit the Triton College Building Dashboard to view real-time data regarding building electricity consumption and production of electricity from solar photovoltaic panels.


    The Four Cs of What We Do


    We make sustainability a guiding principle for all institutional practices, promote initiatives that reduce energy use and environmental impacts, and serve as a demonstration site for teaching and our community.


    We provide assistance and training to faculty and staff to integrate sustainability and green economy content into most disciplines and general education programs.


    We identify, develop and expand quality green job/career training for students and workers, while being effectively informed by community and employer partnerships.


    We serve as regional and sector partners for mobilizing community and employer engagement, fostering community education, and supporting action for environmental sustainability.

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    Adrian Fisher
    Sustainability Coordinator
    (708) 456-0300 ext.3578


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