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Personal Enrichment

Pursue special interests in art, language, culture and wellness. There is something for everyone. Click each class to see the class description, dates, times, and location, or Click HERE for a complete listing of our courses.

PED C46 - Dancercise with Zumba
REC C05 - Belly Dance I
REC C55 - Belly Dance II
REC C14 - Line Dancing (Beginning)
REC C26 - Line Dancing: Intermediate
REC C36 - Basic Chicago Style Steppin'
REC C41 - Next Level Chicago Style Steppin'
REC C42 - Introduction to Bachata
REC C56 - Beginning Ballroom Dancing
REC C57 - Intermediate Ballroom Dancing
REC C98 - Zumba - Gold

CKG C11 - Wedding & Shower Cakes
CKG C40 - Cooking: Back to the Basics
CKG C68 - Beginning Cake Decorating
CKG C70 - Intermediate Cake Decorating
CKG C71 - Advanced Cake Decorating
CKG C72 - Advanced Cake Decorating - Fondant & Gum Paste 
CKG C89 - Parent and Teen Cooking Class  

ASL E01 - American Sign Language I (5 AEC)
FRE C01 - French I
FRE C02 - French II
ITL C01 - Italian I
ITL C02 - Italian II
JPNC01 - Japanese I
JPN C02 - Japanese II
ONL C20 - Speed Spanish (ONLINE)
ONL C01 - Speed Spanish II (ONLINE)
POL C01 - Polish I
POL C02 - Polish II
SPN C01 - Spanish I
SPN C02 - Spanish II
SPN C03 - Conversational Spanish
SPN C14 - Elementary Spanish I
SPN C22 - Speed Spanish III (ONLINE)

MUS C02 - Guitar I
MUS C12 - Guitar II
MUS C07 - Jazz Band
MUS C09 - Piano Keyboard I
MUS C10 - Piano Keyboard II
MUS C15 - Learn to Enjoy Singing in a Group
MUS C50 - Ukulele I *NEW*  

PED C06 - Fitness After Fifty
PED C15 - Arthritis Aquatic Program
PED C16 - Beginning Swimming for Adults
PED C17 - Intermediate Swimming for Adults
PED C25 - Badminton
PED C37 - Total Fitness
PED C49 - Aquacize
PED C52 - Men’s Basketball
PED C54 - Beginning Tai-Chi
PED C74 - Aquacize for Seniors
REC C18 - Beginning Yoga
REC C24 - Pilates Mat Class (Beginning)
REC C99 - Qi Gong

ART C16 - Beginning Drawing
ART C42 - Painter's Workshop
ONL E57 - Introduction to Photoshop 6 (1.5 AEC) (ONLINE)
ART C71 - Intermediate Drawing
ORN C23 - Silk Flower Arrangements
PHG C02 - Basic Photography
PHG C03 - Intermediate Photography
PHG C07 - Portrait Photography
PHG E02 - Introduction to Photoshop CS3 (1.5 AEC) (ONLINE)
PHG E42 - Digital Imaging (1.0 AEC)
VIC E10 - Digital Photography (1.5 AEC) (ONLINE)
WOT C03 - Woodcarving
WOT C14 - Woodcarving II
WOT C05 - Woodworking

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