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Placement Test Frequently Asked Questions

What is the college placement test?
The primary goal for Triton College is to provide opportunities for students to be successful. To support this success, the college placement test is the tool used to help determine appropriate course placement for new students. Triton College uses the ACCUPLACER as its placement exam. The test assesses students’ skills in mathematics, reading, and writing.  All first-time college students will also be required to take Success Navigator.

Do I need to take the placement test?
All new students enrolling in college credit courses at Triton College are required to complete college placement exams.

How does the placement test impact my success at Triton?
The placement exam is designed to help students to become more aware of their academic strengths in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing. Each of these skills may be necessary to our students’ success in the classroom. Using the placement results, students will be able to make more informed decisions about course selection in consultation with their counselor. Please note that placement test results alone do not determine a student’s overall success at Triton College.

How long are test scores valid?
Test scores are valid for two years from the date of the testing.

Can I retake the placement test if I don’t like my scores?
Test takers are allotted one retest per year, per subject, any time after 7 days from your first test date.  A retest fee of $10.00 per subject (or $25.00 for all three subjects) must be paid to the cashier's office prior to testing.  Bring your receipt to the testing office as proof of payment.

How can I qualify for a waiver of the placement test?
Students may receive a waiver of all or a portion of the placement exam requirement.  Click here for the placement test waiver form

How can I prepare for the placement test?
Access free ACCUPLACER study materials at (Select "Classic Practice Tests")

Is there a fee for the placement test?
The first placement test is offered at no cost to students. However, students will be required to pay a fee to retake the exam.

How long does it take to complete the test?
The test has no time limit, though we recommend allocating approximately 2-2 ½ hours to complete the full placement exam.

How can I receive accommodations to take the placement test?
Students who desire accommodations should first contact Triton’s Center for Access and Accommodative Services (CAAS) prior to going to the Testing Center. CAAS staff will then work to ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided so that students will have an optimal testing experience.

Do I have to take all three subject placement tests at the same time?
While we strongly encourage students to complete all of the subject tests at one time, they may decide to take the tests on different dates. Students will need to notify testing staff prior to examination of the tests that they desire to take on a given day.