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TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

Information and Schedule
Test is administered at the Triton College Testing Center
Room A-126 (Learning Resource Center)

Applicants for admission to the Triton College Nursing program are welcome to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills).

The TEAS consists of four parts (Reading, Math, Science, and English/Language Usage) and the total test time is 209 minutes. The Testing Center is administering the ATI TEAS on the dates listed below.

How to Register
Set up a student account at:
Schedule your test date and pay the required test fee online at Applicants will not be permitted to register on the day of examination.
Arrive at the Testing Center (A-126) with receipt and proper ID (valid government-issued photo ID with a signature) on your scheduled test date and time. Students without proper ID will not be permitted to test and will be responsible for repaying for and rescheduling a new test. No admission will be allowed once testing begins.

Review Materials/Resources
The Academic Success Center offers TEAS informational sessions, tutoring, and TEAS study materials. For additional information, call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3341.

Official TEAS study materials are available at the Library Circulation Desk under Nursing Resource materials. The study manuals are kept on reserve and are for in-library use only. For additional information, call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3215 or 3216.

Additional study material is available for purchase at and the Triton College bookstore.

Scores and Retesting
Examinees will receive immediate test results at the end of their testing session. Examinees are eligible to test three times within a two-year period. There is a 30-day wait period between retakes. Triton College accepts passing TEAS scores from other colleges; test scores are valid for two years and must be valid on the date the application is submitted. Students may request a transcript of their scores from ATI at Any scores submitted will count as an attempt.

TEAS Administration Schedule

As of Aug. 31, 2016, an updated version of TEAS (“ATI TEAS”) will be administered for all registered test candidates. This version of the exam allows the use of a four-function calculator that is built into the test software. Outside calculators are not allowed. Test candidates preparing for this version of the exam should use the new ATI TEAS preparation materials.

Test Date
Testing Time
May 22, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
May 25, 2018 (Friday)   9:00 a.m.
May 29, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
June 5, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
June 12, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
June 19, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
June 26, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
July 3, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
July 10, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
July 17, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
July 24, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
July 31, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
August 3, 2018 (Friday)   9:00 a.m.
August 7, 2018 (Tuesday)   9:00 a.m.
August 10, 2018 (Friday)       9:00 a.m.