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Parent/Student Information

Special Note to Parents and Students…

Is the Triton College Dual Credit program the right fit for your child? To succeed in this program, your child should have excellent study skills, self-discipline, and motivation. They’ll also need the maturity and initiative to attend class and participate at the same level as regular college students.

So what are the benefits? Your child will:
Experience what college is like, which can help make the transition from home to college easier as well as provide information for future educational decisions
Partake in a college atmosphere that may help your child excel in learning

Please remember to talk to your student’s high school teachers and counselors about whether dual credit is a good match for your son or daughter. Remember that as a dual credit student, your son or daughter is considered a college student and must accept responsibility for his or her education. It is NOT appropriate for you to contact faculty on behalf of your son or daughter,. It is important to consider the maturity level of your student; some students who maybe academically ready may be overwhelmed by the independence and the rate of college classes.

Consider this…

   • Triton College offers many challenging classes, all taught at a faster pace than high school classes
   • Triton College classes typically cover as much material in one semester as most high school classes cover in one year
   • Often, classes require up to two hours of out-of-class study, per course credit, per week
   • All Dual Credit grades become part of your permanent college transcript
   • Your child is also responsible for completing all high school graduation requirements

Generally, the college credits your child earns will transfer to all other Illinois public colleges and universities, according to the guidelines of those institutions. To be sure the courses you take will transfer, work with your advisor at Triton and the next institution you plan to attend.

Taking classes on the High School Campus can save hundreds of dollars in tuition and books! However, for classes taken on the Triton College Campus you may be responsible for the cost of books, supplies, non-course related fees, and transportation to and from college. Fees are subject to change and financial aid is not available for dual credit students. Contact your high school counselor for more information.

Extracurricular Activities
The Triton College Dual Credit program can create a new and open experience in your child's academic, social, and personal life while they continue to participate in high school sports, clubs, or other extracurricular activities. Be aware that the student will undoubtedly miss some of the high school experience due to the additional commitment added to take college courses.

College Expectations
Upon enrollment in Dual Credit, your child will be considered a college student. Your child is expected to conduct themselves as a responsible adult. This includes, but is not limited to, attending class, seeking academic help, and addressing any problems they may have directly with their instructors. Parents cannot contact instructors or advisors on a student's behalf.

Triton College is required by law to inform students of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which involves keeping student records confidential. Without a student’s written permission, Triton WILL NOT share student records with anyone but the student and appropriate college and high school representatives. Students who wish to share information with their parents must complete the FERPA Release Form.