Commit to Complete

In support of U.S. President Obama’s national education agenda, the Triton College Student Association (TCSA) developed Commit to Complete, a campaign sponsored by the student-run government that encourages students to pledge to complete their degree or certificate and for faculty and staff to commit to guiding them through the process to see it through to completion.

Colleges and universities nationwide are exploring the reasons why a growing number of students are not completing degree- or certificate-related coursework. The U. S. President has taken notice, setting forth the Completion Agenda, which calls for community colleges to double the number of graduates by 2020.

Student Pledge

“I promise to commit myself to completing my degree and/or certificate at Triton College. I understand that there are resources available to assist me in taking the next steps on my educational journey. I pledge to utilize those resources to their fullest extent.”

Faculty/Staff Pledge

“I promise to support and help students reach their goals with wisdom and guidance. I will engage with and involve you. If you need help, I will provide advice and direction. If you have a question I am unable to answer, I commit to connect you with someone who can.”